Lauryn Wendus The Next Door Entrepreneur Lyme VoiceLauryn Wendus of Lauryn, The Next Door Entrepreneur is with Aaron and Sarah and in this episode they talked about how Lauryn had lived through her Lyme illness and about the financial success she is able to accomplish in the midst of her personal struggle with Lyme.

Lyme had impacted Lauryn’s life at her early 20s, 23 to be exact. And she is definitely an inspiration, for in the face of of her personal perceptions of being moderately incapacitated by her Lyme symptoms during the most debilitating period of her illness; she was still able to take control of her life and her career. She had come to terms with the truth that if she wishes her life to amount to something in her condition she has to make somewhat positive all the huge negativity that is slowly encompassing her. She is a fighter and she is not going to let Lyme drag her down into dependency. She turned her perceived physical weaknesses into something positive. Into a get-up-and-go stimulus to make herself successful in ways her now constrained physical stamina, which is being weakened by Lyme allows her to. Instead of letting Lyme take over her life and pin her down, she used her recovery time to assess her life and what’s left in it. She knows she is capable of many things so she picked up her act which had managed to get strewn about and resolved to not let Lyme cut off her wings.

She really embodies the spirit of Fight.Heal.Live in the sense of recognizing that in some capacity life is not gonna go forward as it used to and then proactively taking steps to take care of herself.



Aaron and Sarah identify themselves in Lauryn. That’s why they made sure their fortuitous meeting via Twitter will give them the break they need to make Lauryn’s story one of their Lyme Voice’s Episode Podcast. The three of them acknowledge they had been through the same Fight.Heal journey and are now on the same boat riding out the tumultuous passage of their Live journey. Together they will make Lauryn’s Lyme story a Lyme Voice’s story.

Episode Outline


Aaron and Sarah talk about their recent week, a large week for them because Sarah was able to enjoy her younger brother’s wedding. A large week indeed, for Sarah was able to coherently enjoy the event unlike her younger sister’s wedding before which she had attended with a third voice in her head telling her not to make her weakness show all the time. People with Lyme have lots of internal issues that nobody sees outwardly. They may appear okay on the outside but actually they’re not. They all agree they had been through this feeling before, and honestly acknowledged the fact that there were times they had to somehow fight the battle on their own, because nobody can perceive that they are slowly withering inside, grasping for the straws dangling at the periphery of existence for energy is slowly ebbing out from them without anyone noticing.


Hers is a classic story of a life with an undiagnosed Lyme illness. Lauryn tells how she as an ambitious young 23 years old, at that time enjoying her financial corporate career, suddenly feels some weakening stamina and foggy mental awareness. The symptoms come and go and at first, and she didn’t know she has Lyme. She’s never had all the characteristic symptoms connected to Lyme before her diagnosis. No bull’s eye rash, nothing, so at first Lyme was not the suspected diagnosis. She was misdiagnosed with Lymphoma because of the swollen lymph nodes and some misleading blood works.

She had gone through the same conditions that other patients with Lyme had experienced despite being devoid of the usual Lyme disease flags. So it came as a surprise to her and her family, her Lyme disease diagnosis. But she didn’t give up she decided to face her symptoms head-on. She went through almost the same Fight journey with Sarah; that sudden feeling of being overly fatigued all of a sudden, swollen lymph nodes and all. But it was the blurry visions one day when she was driving to work which jolted her to finally acknowledge something was definitely wrong.

She speaks of her journey to self-realization which she was able to finally create in her mind. While lying down in bed bogged down by the different symptoms she was undergoing, of making something with her life with Lyme. And from her education too, to earn what she needs to be able to live because a life with Lyme is a high cost existence. That was the point of acceptance for her, when she told herself okay if you can’t get rid of Lyme how about creating a life with Lyme, her Fight Lyme Story. The biggest part of which was focused on gaining back her mental coherence, of backing backwards before she can go forward, a very humbling experience for her.

After trying basic part-time work but still unable to sustain the required schedule without my condition deteriorating, I was left with few options.


She has an interesting start as an entrepreneur. Her Heal Lyme Story. Although she studied about business and its subjects in college and was able to graduate with a degree in business, the basics of being an entrepreneur were not taught to them at school. So she had to grope in the dark how to and what kind of business she is going to have, because she knew then, that she can no longer work in a normal corporate environment.

During those moments of soul and mind searching the idea of publishing her scribbled works had not occurred to her. Her story writing talent was not an actuality at that time. It came as an accident and had started when her Lyme symptoms altered her so much mentally she started writing with her left hand though she was right handed her entire life before that. The novelty of her left handed writing ability had amazed her so much she was scribbling in a notebook, children stories inspired by Oliver the cat who was her constant companion while she lay in bed so much.

But then in retrospection she recognized the potential and so she took the power of the internet into her hands and she tried to find answers. She started her business broke and with the help of her mother, because Lyme has taken over the bulk of her finances. She detailed how she used creating a business as her Heal motivation and she recounts all the interesting events during the start of her entrepreneurial career. She shares her Fight.Heal.Live Lyme story with the hope to be able to give people who are living lives with Lyme just like her and Sarah, that there is indeed life after or with Lyme. She wants to convey assurance that definitely you’re going to get better from a Lyme illness and definitely Lyme disease exists. She was able to figure this all out during the past 3 years, the total span of her entire life with Lyme so far.

As an entrepreneur she’s created 3 businesses which are connected to her live your life with Lyme “After all, if I can do it, so can you.” cause:

As it is often stated, change is the only constant in life. Life is full of twists and turns, and circumstances that seem set in stone can become nonexistent at a moment’s notice. The name Next Door Creations was inspired by the idea that no matter how things may seem in life, it’s important to always have faith that the next door of opportunity will present itself. Whether the “next door” is a spark of the imagination, an event you attend, or a person you meet, something, somehow, will always appear, and the opportunity to seize a new path will emerge. From there are infinite possibilities; endless ways to create something new.

-Lauryn Alyssa Wendus


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