Excerpt from “Little Bite, BIG Trouble”book: “One day as the baby birds were ganging up on an especially plump caterpillar. A tall man walked over to where Mamma bird sat stiffly on the ground. The tall man owned the land that their tree sat on. He also lived in the house near the pond. Mamma bird stayed perfectly still. Really that was all she could do. She no longer had the strength to fly. Her flying days seemed to be a distant memory.”
Today I received an email. An email containing the next 6 images for my children’s book. We had been busy and the illustrator had been busy so I had anticipated seeing these for sometime. I wanted the man in the book to be ambiguous. Who in the story does he represent? Initially the doctors who finally treated me. But in the book, looking at it from this “birds eye view” it had a surprising impact. Is it  God?  My Dad, who helped us pay for lifesaving treatment. Or my husband who hung on for so long, even though their was no happy ending in sight. Honestly, I don’t know. But as I looked at theses images it is hard to see myself sad and alone. I knew something was so very wrong, but failed to received any validation from anyone on my medical team. Nor did they possess any answers of how to get my life back. Instead I searched for people who claimed to treat and heal chronic fatigue and chronic pain. When I finally found Envita Medical it would cost all that we had and more. The choice was to fight. But it was a lofty fight that came at a great cost. I was so broken and weak. Trying desperately to be thankful that the kids were still mostly enjoying life. I was so very often, alone with my tears, as life marched along without me. This illustration represents the battle for health and normalcy that eluded me for far too long. To find a variety of protocols tune into the Lyme Voice Podcast on iTunes or right here on our website, simply click on the PODCAST tab and click on the title you want to hear! Keep FIGHTING friends!
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