LymeVoice_F1LymeVoice.com is the name of our podcast. It is one aspect of our health and wellness company called Vigor For Life, LLC.  Founded by my husband Aaron Sanchez, and myself, Sarah Schlichte Sanchez in 2014. Our entire marriage has been impacted by Lyme disease.   Join us as we explore the often complex social and emotional aspects that impact households across the country. While finding hope and inspiration is every story. Authors, MD’s, patients, and other professionals will be joining us on air. Every podcast will be carefully structured to help you in your Lyme journey.FIGHT.HEAL.LIVE.REPEAT

4FIGHT: Fighting is part of  every Lyme story, learning to advocate for yourself within the medical community is crucial.

5HEAL:  Learning to manage symptoms, sleeping, and pain management are pieces of the puzzle. While the protocols and treatment plans vary for each person, underlying themes of nutrition and health are very important.


LIVE: Learning to live again, or learning to live in-spite of symptoms is often a precarious endeavor.
      7REPEAT: Many regiments require persistence and consistency. We are continually looking for great products to help your Lyme journey. Also repeat to others about the resources that have helped you in your Lyme journey!

2Sanchez-3015FSarah Schlichte Sanchez and her husband Aaron host the Lyme Voice Podcast aimed at encouraging, coaching and empowering household living with chronic illnesses. In 2006 she founded Absolute Real Estate. She would spend the next seven years in a downward health spiral that continually forced her into bed for many years. In 2013 she went through treatment for Lyme disease and spent two years regaining some of her mobility and moxy. She is passionate about almost anything related to health and wellness because it is the gateway to “maximizing your potential.” Though her stamina still ebbs and flows she is a committed entrepreneur, advocate for orphans, and a Wellness Consultant.

3Sanchez-2964F (1)Aaron L. Sanchez is a talented artist whose medium is wood and stone, inlaid to perfection! He has perfected his skills over the last 24 years at his families furniture shop. He and his wife Sarah have spent much of their time raising their five kids.

Aaron kept their house afloat while Sarah spent many years in bed while battling Lyme disease. Currently he is producing a podcast called Lyme Voice dedicated to helping other families with chronic illnesses.

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