Kathy Ferguzon Healing From Chronic Medical Bills All About Lyme VoiceKathy Ferguson, CEO of Medical Debt Resolutions Consulting is with Aaron and Sarah for Lyme Voice’s Episode 17. She is a financial patient advocate who helps people in their fight with insurance companies on getting their medical bills paid yet they still continue to receive mysterious bills after the fact that their insurance company tell them their medical bills are already paid. Start your healing journey completely free from financial concerns for a recovering sick person doesn’t need the additional psychological stress from chronically mounting medical bills. Kathy is the expert to help you begin your healing from chronic medical bills.

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This episode with Kathy is not about physical illnesses and issues; chronic or fleeting, because Kathy is another kind of “Specialist” she’s going to help put the puzzle pieces of medical finance into place. She’s a medical billing and collection specialist committed in finding solutions to issues faced by a lot of people with chronic medical bills debts; the existing or on-progress ones and old medical bills debts. Kathy Ferguson is not only offering assistance in resolving medical patient bill problems to the Lyme Voice community and to people living in Albuquerque where she has her residence but to all the people across America who need help in resolving medical debts. She is able to make her service widely available, for she has all the support of 20 years of experience she’s had the opportunity of accruing being involved in medical billing. She is fueling her expertise and energy into resolving these issues to help the people of America get rid of the looming menace of bankruptcy caused by accumulating medical bills debts.

Episode Outline

Aaron and Sarah was attending Sarah’s Presentation to a group of about 100 and 50 people for their up and coming Fight.Heal.Live branch of Lyme Voice, and Kathy heard what Sarah and Aaron are trying to do. She came up to Sarah and Aaron and introduced herself and talked to them about her financial expertise and her advocacies in helping people resolve their accumulating medical bills. Aaron and Sarah were excited to establish a connection with Kathy because of their long history of medical bills over the course of Sarah’s illness. Their experience of thousands and thousands of medical bills which had left them a little bit crippled financially, they know can be a lot worse for other people than it had been for them.

From Kathy’s research she’s found out that mounting medical bills are the most likely cause of many personal bankruptcies across America. She sees medical expense as a pain that never stops being a pain. And she wants to make that pain go away, not only for a small bunch of American people but for all American people as much as possible. She’s an auditor and she’s a dedicated detailed research and results oriented person who never stops until she is able to find all the mistakes in daily medical bills that in reality count as one of the very high dollar expense in the United States.

“It is unfortunate that the patient is always the one that this is dumped on and I am always saying that it pains till it hurts.” Kathy

In view of her above quoted sentiments Kathy try to find ways to resolve all medical bill debts, she does a complete audit of all the billing, and look for all the mistakes she can find and then she goes to the medical service provider and/or to the insurance company to get the mistakes fixed. There are instances that when the bill debt is quite old or has been going on for a considerable period of time, medical providers write them off. She just remind all the patient or the family; she has the opportunity to be in work with to always make payments, even how small, if $5 are all you can afford then go ahead pay the $5 dollars. It is much easier for her to ask medical providers to review medical debts when consistent payment were made because it tells the providers that the patients really want to pay the debts, you just can’t afford it. She’s done it around the country already and she says she’s good with any kind of illness except Mental Health. Mental Health has lots of restrictions because of the affordable care act.

She knows that “Medical bills are often inaccurate due to incorrect data, over charging and computer errors. Yet most misbilled items go unchallenged. She’s willing to assist with inaccurate medical bills that many have possibly incurred.” She educate patients on how to best ask the doctors and medical providers informative questions so they know what they have to basically deal with in the first place. Be there when they fill out forms for patient information to coincide the superbill with the medical health provider and the insurance company. You have to know everything they put in the form so you can ask sensible questions later when the insurance company shortlist your bill when they pay. She recounted a recent success story in significantly reducing a cancer patient’s bill to $18.65, and she jokingly told them at the health insurance company that she’s not happy with the $18.65; she wants the bill zero if that is possible.

Aaron, Sarah and Kathy have agreed they have something common to work with. Lyme Voice at this stage has added another resource help to their Lyme Voice followers, and Kathy is enthusiastic of the possibility of collaboration.

Kathy offers free 30 minutes consultation, to assess whether help in resolving your medical bill debt is possible. If it is not possible she tells you directly that there’s nothing she can do to resolve your medical bills problems, wherever you are in the Country. And for every probable case she asks a retainer fee of $500 for 5 hours of her service. Usually it takes only 5 hours to get down to the basics and get the ball rolling. She started volunteering her services for free but she realized she want a business that will help people so she started Medical Debt Resolutions Consulting.

There are steps to follow if you want some help from Kathy with your medical bills. Just visit the link below, to her;

Web Site: Medical Debt Resolutions Consulting

You can contact her at: Kathy@ABQMedRes.com

You can follow her thoughts at her;
Twitter: MedDebtResolutions

Recommended by Kathy, you can avail financial/scholarship help from;

Lyme Disease Association, Inc.

Lyme Test Access Program (Lyme-TAP)

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