Lyme Voice A Different Kind of WorkIn this episode is the second part of Aaron and Sarah’s interview with The Next Door Entrepreneur, Lauryn Wendus. And in this second interview their focus is on the financial perspective of being sick with Lyme or with any other chronic illness. Specifically, earning money to spend on getting well.



Episode Outline


Lauryn talked in detail about her other business, aside from Oliver Poons; the children’s story books. With this she created as solution to financial complications, caused by Lyme and other chronic illness. A Different Kind of Work is a job platform for those that will not be able to survive the rigors of traditional workplace.

The Next Door Entrepreneur

Her umbrella venture The Next Door Entrepreneur encompasses all her 3 businesses. The idea for The Next Door Entrepreneur sprouts from her and her Mom Lois’ observation that there are a lot of people in their immediate neighborhood that are in the same predicament as they are that may need some help starting over. They also may be in need for someone to counsel them for they don’t know what to do and who to ask for help with all their physical difficulties and financial troubles. Lauryn’s efforts go towards helping others survive Lyme and other chronic illness with the help of others who are under the same pressure. All endeavors are aimed towards bringing these different individuals into one community for mutual sharing of ideas and resources.

A Different Kind of Work

Oliver Poons was born out of Lauryn’s Lyme distresses; A Different Kind of Work was born out of her and her mother’s combined marginal physical health. Her mother Lois also recently experienced a challenging life changing circumstance, after having an accident resulting to her leg being severely broken. Out of the turmoil their lives are in Lois and Lauryn have put their mind and physical resources together to come up with their A Different Kind of Work website. was created for individuals who may be looking for supplementary part time work in addition to their to their traditional jobs to add-on a little extra to their income, stay-at-home caregivers who can maybe chip in some tasks for those who need a little help while sick, or those who wish to explore the road to entrepreneurship who don’t know where to start and who to ask help from to realize their objectives. Lauryn desires to provide an easy atmosphere for people to connect.

Ribbon Star Press

Lauryn describe her publishing creation as “Ribbon Star Press offers consulting services as well as publishing services to authors of multiple genres. Ribbon Star Press seeks manuscripts that align with the Next Door Creations brand and aims to deliver an uplifting experience to readers through all of its publications.”

She self-published her very first children’s book under Ribbon Star Press!

In closing I just like to stress to everybody out there that there is hope. I know it is a difficult journey but, to just stay positive and they will find those little things everyday that may seem mundane, may not seem that exciting, but you know find something that’s exciting, that makes you excited everyday. For me it happened to be my silly little cat. Find something that really makes you smile and work from there and feel free to reach out to me if there’s anyway that I can be of help.


Well listeners if you have some written notes and you think the Lyme voice community that is starting to sprout and gather strong following may benefit from them greatly then feel free to reach out to Lauryn with the following:

Her Twitter: @laurynwendus

Her Entrepreneurial Ventures:

Her Email:

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