Lyme Voice Noelle Janka“I think I came out of the womb wanting to make the world a better place.”

Noelle Janka

This simple quote simply sums up Noelle. She was 15 years old when she launched her first grassroots campaign. She’s made extensive progress with the causes she’s passionate about. Several more recent successful campaigns includes her participation with an effort to increase federal auto fuel efficiency standards; another one was the first campaign to elect President Barack Obama. She was the first board president of the Boston Cyclists Union for a year and a half, guiding the group and masterminding the group’s internship and volunteer training programs. Today, Noelle has another way of showing her open-handed support to others who are aiming to become social change leaders through coaching, mentoring and consulting. As a trained life coach she’s pursuing certification from the Academy for Coaching Excellence.

What’s in this episode:

Getting disability, losing disability:

Noelle had her first symptoms when she was 16 years old and in high school. Like many Lyme folks she had been through the road of misdiagnosis and ceaseless symptoms until her Mom took matters into her hands and decided to put her foot down on getting Noelle tested for Lyme in New York. After she’s diagnosed she went in search for help, relief and solutions. Which she found and then she had been in remission for 1 year where she’s back to feeling and living normally until a traumatic biking accident triggered her symptoms. The trauma caused her symptoms to escalate and extend, symptoms that can still pain her until today. Although she’s found ways to manage her symptoms they still act up all of a sudden making her less functional and not capable of lucid tasks on some days.

Finding flexible work:

She had come to a point in her career and life where she has finally acknowledged she is sick and told everybody at home and at work that she’s sick. She had dabbled in a number of jobs until she was offered a managerial position after a series of short term jobs, and when they knew what’s actually happening to her, what she’s going through, they made an arrangement for her to work a flexible schedule around her sickness. Despite all the leeway given to her she came to a point where she admitted that’s it’s not really working and she quit work. That’s when she found her coach. A Yoga Coach and through attending this very helpful Yoga Class helped her got her focus back.

Learning to function within a new normal:

With all the solutions they found to help manage her symptoms she acknowledged to herself that she need to come up with something to help Lyme sufferers like herself. A community that’s different from the ones already existing. With so much suffering there are a lot of people who don’t know where to get help and just suffer their symptoms in silence. She’s decided to share what she knows about Lyme and symptoms management protocols via a consulting website under her name and another website with a name that stir impetus for living, empowering healing from Lyme. All the help she got while healing, she wants to pay forward and that is the cause that she wants to promote in her website. She want to provide Lyme folks with a healing vision.

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“I am healing fully.”


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Noelle’s and her partner Sonja’s Get To Thrive is all set and ready to launch. Book your session now, they’re still accepting new applications until Wednesday, November 15th. 

We look at how you can live the life you’d love now – while you’re healing – instead of leaving it on the list of things you’ll do when you feel better.”

Get To Thrive

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