Season 2 Episode 2
Title: Life with Lyme- Stephen and Heather Grooters turn the microphone onto Aaron and Sarah in this special episode.

These are the conversations you wish you could have with someone who understands what you are going through, the effort you have put forth and the obstacles you face. If you are living with chronic fatigue, chronic pain or fibromyalgia, this is the show for you. After 21 years of chronic illness these candid conversations are the ones few people get to have. Why? Because the longevity of Lyme disease is complex and unfathomable to many people. They don’t get it. Healthy people don’t have to choose between groceries or medications. I spent years going to different doctors or physicians and they look at the symptoms. On LymeVoice, we look at the social and emotional issues that plague people with chronic illnesses. These emotional losses rarely get dealt with as you fight for your health, because you are in survival-mode. It has been said that Lyme is a do-it yourself disease, we agree. Join us as we go deeper into articulating the losses, so that we can continue to heal, and simultaneously empower others to keep fighting. FIGHTING is a mindset. HEALING consists of choices. LIVING is the outcome. Don’t just exist….Fight.Heal.Live
-See the other side of Lyme, through the eyes of the healthy spouse.
-The Longevity of Lyme
Sponsored by Envita Medical-“The clinic that gave me back my life”-Sarah
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Little Bite, BIG Trouble

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