Lyme Voice Radio is back, Baby! Envita Medical Center has sponsored several episodes and we have great speakers lined up to talk about the physical, spiritual, financial and emotional aspects of healing from Lyme, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia and every other unwanted symptom. This season we will dive deeper into healing and restoring wholeness to our lives.

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Disappearing from Society Trailer from Makenzie Gruenig on Vimeo.

We created a short documentary called “Disappearing From Society.” The Director (Makenzie Gruenig),  Writer and Producer (Sarah Schlichte Sanchez), and drone operator (Ryan Clark) have all battled multiple years of chronic illnesses.  Including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and Lyme.  This unique dynamic created a film that oozes with compassion and understanding. Two of the individuals featured in this film are prior guests on Lyme Voice, Heather and Stephen Grooters! I know that much of what they say will resonate with you all.  It is focused on the emotional side of chronic illness, you will hear statements like:

“Pain that never made sense and felt like it was sucking the life out of me”

“My soul would beg for mercy from an illness with no no name”

“Because who I am, isn’t here”

“I don’t want my kids to remember me as being good at sleeping”

“Well you don’t look sick”

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We have also seen significant levels of healing in our household and in the lives of others around us. We will be exploring the topics of supernatural healing, healing through treatment and healing the soul in season 2, in the meantime to hear more you can go to: – Andrew Womack: God Wants You Well

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