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Dr. Lauren Tessier has undergone training as a CIRS Certified Physician specializing in the treatment of biotoxin illness due to mold and water-damaged buildings. 

Life After Mold,  uses a patient-centered approach to help recover those that are suffering from mold-related illness.  An individually tailored, patient-centered approach is taken, employing a combination of Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine.

Key Takeaways:

  • I had become a “mold canary.” 
  • Finding and managing mold is a very insidious process. You realize a year into feeling bad that you are dealing with mycotoxins, mold fragments and it is triggering histamine response issues. It doesn’t happen overnight. (5:00)
  • Learning to understand MOLD and the remediation process for myself has made me a better practitioner because I know how to help people who can’t afford to spend $10,000-$20,000+ on remediating their houses. Which is more common than not.
  • Living with mold sensitivities often comes with warning signs. For example: If your nose starts to tingle when walking into a certain space. You can learn to work with these sensitivities and move on from it. There is hope.
  • Patients often feel shame and confusion when presented with the reality that MOLD could be triggering symptoms. (14:00)
  • I have fought so hard to find physicians that would ask questions, investigate, or think outside the box. I would welcome a physician who was problem-solving on my behalf.-Sarah
  • MOLD comes in a lot of different flavors: Fungal, fungal infections, CIRS and mycotoxins.
  • Bioaccumulation can cause you to be sick for years after exposure (20:00)
  • The body should be able to handle mycotoxins. But if your cup of mycotoxins gets to full, you will begin having symptoms.
  • If your detox pathways are already blocked, just a little bit of exposure to mycotoxins can push you over the edge. (21:20)
  • Neurological and hormonal issues are triggered by mycotoxins.
  • Many people don’t notice symptoms until they start to impact the nervous system. (migraine and light sensitivities) 23:00
  • CIRS-Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (Dr.Shoemaker put a name to this in the 1990s). A starting agent (exposure, severe stress, auto accidents) puts the process of inflammation into gear (GI distress, chronic pain, respiratory issues, skin issues).
  • Where to start? Ready to start your journey of recovery? Call for an onramp session with Dr. Tessier (30:00)
  • IEP’s-Indoor Environmental Professionals (some are MOLD illness literate) 
  • Go to to find an Indoor Environmental Professional. (33:00)
  • Testing your home-It is complicated. Be ready to have a dialogue with the contractor. Use a “tester” that is different than the contractor who will be “doing” the remediation. 
  • Go to– for additional certified contractors
  • What to look for? Your contractor should come in with TOOLS! 
  • Particle counter, Thermography imaging camera (temperature differences can indicate MOLD), Slide impact vacuum, Hyper Barometer.
  • Ask-Do you door in wall air testing? (40:00)
  • About 25% of patients get better simply from getting out of the moldy environment. (50:00)
  • Favorite forms of  DETOXing-Taking charcoal, sauna, binders, well call (generic available), glutathione.
  • NAC-Everyone should be on this biofilm buster. Good for general lung health. Tolerated better than glutathione. 
  • “I’m in love with NAC”-Dr.Tessier (900mg capsule)
  • “MOLD and Lyme go hand and hand because they BOTH suppress and alter the immune system.”-Dr.Tessier (58:00)
  • MTHFR (Yes, and….)

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