Lyme Voice Life With Chronic Fibromyalgia/Constant PainJune 17,2013-17 years ago while on a camping trip with dear friends I was biten by what I assumed was a spider. It looked like a bulls eye and was swollen and horrible for weeks.

I had my first pregnancy at 21, and man was I sick. That was the beginning of Doctors telling me I was exaggerating. It was sad because I lost 15 pounds my first trimester and as I continued to struggle with my pregnancy, continually having to be admitted to the ER for dehydration, I was told I would be fine by the end of my first trimester.

Nine months later moments after giving birth I felt better than I had in 9 months, because I was no longer a “normal’ 21 year old “overreacting” I was already sick. I have an amazing Doctor who has been working feverishly on my behalf. It is obviously far more expensive to treat Lyme’s disease in late stages while you are experiencing neurological issues than in the early stages.

So many symptoms were masked for years because of the two auto accidents I was in. It wasn’t really until fall of last year that we began to understand that the auto accidents were masking an underlying issue.

If you want to know what my life has been like please watch this documentary, it is free on amazon prime. Every sentence is so validating, because I have had to fight for years for people in the medical profession to listen to me.

A tick is the size of a poppy seed. We are getting the kids tested, obviously the babies lucked out on this issue! I’m scheduled to start long term antibiotic IV’s at Rust medical at the beginning of July. I feel so blessed in spite of this daunting information and here is why.

My sweet friend Emily has Lyme’s and now I get to be her Lyme’s buddy, I was already sick, might as well have a special friend. I have been grieving this for years, at least we know now (within a 95% approximation) what we are fighting.

I will implement the full Gerson Therapy program asap and I will go out to Mexico at the beginning of August. We will fight this medically and holistically. In spite of the neurological issues that have recently left me unable to be home alone with the kids by myself, the Gerson method of organic juices and coffee enemas has provided huge amounts of pain relief but I can’t implement it without getting a personal care assistant.

All of this has required my constant time and attention. I’m on the phone/computer advocating for ng fc� nw� � n’t know what the future will hold, when we decided to put up the money for treatment, I was hoping to just “survive” the next two years or so for the sake of my kids. My expectations have been far exceeded, I’m moving out of survival-mode and back towards independence and the ability (still with some help from my Mom) to care for my five kiddos!



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