• When do you need to act on behalf of your spouse?
  • In order to become a caregiver-you end up dropping something else, homes, jobs, etc.
  • What I would have done differently.
  • Acknowledging that things are not getting better, and start learning new skills: laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, family finance.
  • You can’t “work” your way out of Lyme and raising kids.
  • The healthy spouse is often very disconnected from everyone.
  • Balancing all the responsibilities.
  • Neither of you are thinking clearly.
  • You are juggling all these plates-you are balancing and surviving, barely, if you pick up one more thing, something gets dropped, sometimes it is fear based (more worry), sometimes you have to short sale your house, so that plate breaks.
  • The longevity of Lyme is one of the hardest aspects of the disease.

The Longevity of Lyme makes it very hard:

  • communicating through the symptoms
  • recognizing that this is serious
  • financial, physical and emotional crises
  • G5t-
  • How beliefs affect your journey
  • Getting a long term perspective.
  • evaluating your own mental health
  • (compassion fatigue)
  • Boundaries-Hanging out with positive people, blocking people who are negative.
  • Developing a narrow focus to survive
  • Adam and Heather Getty.com
G5t-financial intelligence course: http://5c2.636.myftpupload.com/

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