~ Many people come to a place where they realize that if they want to take back control of their health, things will have to change. For many people, that realization comes at a time when they are at their weakest, after years of fatigue and suffering. That was Heather. But it isn’t anymore. She tells us how she created a “Fighting Mindset” in order to save her own life and restore her family to a place of health and stability. And by the way, she did it with 6 kids that she homeschools!
Talking Points:
  • Her story with chronic Lyme disease
  • How chronic fatigue and chronic migraines has impacted her marriage
  • “Lyme is a marathon and not a sprint.”
  • Declarations-speaking forth what you want
  • Your MINDSET will set you free or hold you hostage
Heather M. Getty contracted Lyme disease sometime early in childhood. However, she would not get an accurate diagnosis until her mid 30’s. Since beginning treatment in 2014, she has devoted her time to help others cope with the daily struggles of living with chronic illnesses and teaching people about the power of good supplements. She starred in the Lyme documentary, Disappearing From Society.

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She is a devoted wife and mom and together with her husband Adam, they help to Train and Inspire you, to reach your goals with less overwhelm and more joy!!! They reside in Rio Rancho, New Mexico with their six kids, and one gigantic cat!
To find out more, visit them on Facebook: Heather and Adam Getty
Additional Resources:
  • Interested in  Reaching your goals with less overwhelm and more joy” join Heather and Adam on Facebook:
  • Heather Getty: 6littleteacups@gmail.com

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