The MINDSET for Personal Transformation
Talking Points:
  • Coping with “Trauma” without SHAME.
  • It was time for radical change.
  • Making a decision to FIGHT for yourself.
  • Creating BOUNDARIES
    Dr. Shelly Gruenig tells us about her personal journey through a traumatic loss and shares lessons learned that empowered her to begin transforming her life!

    that empower you to HEAL.

  • Happiness vs. Joy
  • Harnessing freedom within your MINDSET.
  • On the journey to WHOLENESS.
  • Divorce what no longer serves you, on your path towards WELLNESS.
Shelly Gruenig, PhD, is wife to Bob and homeschool mom of three. She has been coaching R4Robotics since 2005 as a way to provide STEM, career, and life opportunities for her children and others. She is a speaker, author, STEM coach, mentor and entrepreneur as well as founder and CEO of where she offers training in career planning and robotics education and enrichment. Along the way, she has become a student of using food as medicine and what it takes to help her daughter battle chronic illness while getting healthy herself. She believes that whether you are fighting illness, building robots, relationships or a business, “what God is preparing for your future is far GREATER THAN anything you could ever imagine.” Haggai 2:9
  • Obesity is a poverty mentality
Shelly Crutcher Gruenig –
You heard us mention G5t-G5t is an online personal development company. We help you create a Personal Pathway to Financial Freedom. We revive financial hope and inspire life changes. It helps you think outside the box even when faced with things like chronic illnesses and an inability to work a traditional J.O.B. Battling Lyme disease is very costly. Many families are also trying to treat multiple family members. Learn how to escape mediocrity and maximize your talents and earning potential.
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Children’s Book
Little Bite, BIG Trouble
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