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Two Weeks Into My Lyme Treatment at Shea Medical

Lyme Voice Two Weeks Into My Lyme Treatment

  July 22,2013 -Two weeks into treatment. The dust is beginning to settle over here in AZ. We have established a working routine that accommodates for two enemas, one freshly squeezed vegetable juice, two apple/carrot juices, and one orange juice, all organic. I have also figured out how to gag down all 55 supplements in […] Read more…

June 18th, 2013 Another Emergency

another emergency Your Lyme Voice

June 18, 2013-Please pray for my protection today. I’m headed to UNMH’s ER. For the last 3 nights I have struggled with neuroborrelioliosis, which is a life threatening late stage Lymes issue as it attacks your respiratory system. Please pray that I will find a Doctor who is familiar with Lymes at the hospital today. […] Read more…

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