~Signing Do Not Resuscitate~
Alone in my room one day  I quietly printed and signed a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) document. I put it in a box that contained our families important documents. As I laid it on the birth certificates and  adoption decrees, I realized I had waited to long to write a series of goodbye  letters. I no longer had the emotional capacity or the stamina to write. I was mad at myself. I should have written letters to my kids. Telling them how much I loved each of them and how proud I was of them as they now had to face life without a Mom. I had thought of such things over the last year or so. But everyone kept telling me I was fine, that the pain wasn’t real. It  was just overactive nerves and a dysfunction of the brain telling me that I was in pain.  But it really was to late. I couldn’t push myself anymore to get up. I was violently throwing up and was unable to keep food down. I had pushed myself for years and years. I had no more fight left in me.
I had several days where I couldn’t keep water down any longer. I was laying in bed. Everything was filthy. The clothes I was wearing, and the sheets on my bed. The sun hurt my eyes so the shades were always closed. and to cover the loud buzzing in my ears I constantly had a fan on, hoping to drown out the misery of multiple sensory issues. I laid flat on my sheets, to worn and debilitated to lift my head up onto the pillow resting only inches away. This is it. It had been several days since I had kept down water. With my DNR papers tucked away I knew that since I would not use medical measures to keep myself alive, I would most likely die within the next two weeks. And I was deeply and overwhelmingly relieved. I didn’t want to leave my kids, but I couldn’t be a mom anymore. I knew they would be better off with someone who could actually take care of them. My pain and suffering had become their pain and suffering. If I could have closed my eyes and gone to sleep, never to wake up, I probably would have. The longevity of  Lyme is almost unfathomable. It took me 17 years to get a diagnosis and begin to get to the root cause of my illness, it shouldn’t take that long. 
DNR Papers
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***Because people often ask, I went to Envita Medical for treatment, and continued with their protocol for 2 years while also implementing the Gerson Protocol. I continue both in maintenance mode.http://lymevoice.com/037-doing-life-and-lyme-at-the-same-time-how-to-be-proactive-when-the-downward-spiral-begins/
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3 Comments on ~Signing Do Not Resuscitate Papers~

  1. Diane MacIntyre
    June 26, 2017 at 9:22 pm (7 months ago)

    Hi Lyme Voice
    Thank You so much for all the input and encouragement!
    My friend and I listened to excerpts from The Lyme Summit and she forwarded me you’re web address.
    I am currently seeing a PA in a doc office and am using UVB treatments for the viral,inflammation,infectious component of my immune system. I felt that I needed a Trojan horse boost and am using herbal supplements for Lyme.
    I like many others have spent many years,money and wasted time for answers. Raising 4 kids who are now grown ,all married and have 2 grandkids….those years were filled with a lot of joy but also with a lot of physical and emotional pain. I also have worked part time for many years.
    Currently I am on a leave if absence from my work to take time to deal with the medical things and have a rest and reprieve as well and looking for another way to help with income. My partial disability came to a point where they denied ,appealed and denied again…so I am consulting with a lawyer and may apply for social security partial disability benefits.
    I have also benefited this year from some amazing counselors!
    Thank You for all the helpful input as many of us are overcoming this illness!

    • aaronlsanchez@gmail.com
      July 18, 2017 at 6:29 pm (6 months ago)

      Wow Thanks for the encouragement!

      • aaronlsanchez@gmail.com
        October 26, 2017 at 4:19 pm (3 months ago)

        So glad it encouraged you!


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