Parenting a teen with chronic fatigue can be daunting. Knowing when to advocate for them, and how to empower them to fight for their health is a journey that often requires transformation, intentionality, and advocacy. Dr. Shelly Gruenig talks about her role as a parent and meeting the needs of her teenager with chronic fatigue.
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Talking Points:
  • Knowing when to advocating for them. But also empowering them to become independent.
  • Addiction vs. Dependency-Helping teens deal with chronic pain.
  • Becoming a coach and encouraging them.
  • Teens have to decide for themselves what they are willing to implement.
  • “I felt like I was sitting on her coattails, trying to hold her back”-Dr. Shelly Gruenig
  • “I thought I was going crazy, I never knew this was because of my chronic illness.”-Makenzie Gruenig
  • “Chronic pain takes a part of your soul.”-Aaron Sanchez
  • “I could see more clearly through the lens of cannabis than I could through the fog of chronic pain.”-Sarah Schlichte Sanchez
  • Keep records of how they feel. They may not be able to see the progress or the cycles that you can see from an outside perspective.
  • Vet the Physicians before you drag a teen to a new physician.

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