Your Lyme Voice My First Look Into the World of LymeJuly 4, 2013-Join me and my closest friends on my last weekend in NM before I fly out to Phoenix for the next 9 weeks of in depth Lyme’s treatment at the Shea Medical facility in Scottsdale, AZ. I’ve always known I was special (mostly because my parents told me so) but as it turns out I literally had a bulls eye on me (Google bulls eye rash) since I was 18, hence the special-ness!

I will continue my treatment upon my return home for the next two years by trying to stay in bed when the kids are in school. But it will be a life long journey as Lyme’s is forever. you can manage the symptoms, but it will be something I’ll have in me forever. I’m pretty sure someone will need to tie me to the bed, I can’t possibly watch that much TV. To force myself to keep my feet up, and make me understand the ever increasing need for Lyme’s education and my own atrocious journey of misdiagnosis.

I so enjoyed being at the clinic and talking with other patients who had also seen dozens of doctors. Who told them they were only depressed. Had been treating only the symptoms and NEVER the cause. And literally been left to die and continually have seizures while depleting their family financially and emotionally. Historically speaking there is always resistance before a break through and I believe that within some years this will happen with Lyme’s education.

And I want my documentary to be right at the top of that along with “Under our Skin“. So come hang out, The Damn Bar has generously offered to partner with us and donate a portion of the proceeds to my Lyme’s Care, and I’m thrilled to hang out with all of you. Greg and Jill Shafer are in town for this weekend only so it will be like a mini-reunion!

My hope in sharing this journey with you all is that someone in your sphere of influence can benefit from my experiences. Good or bad, since that is how I learn, hopefully the time I take in writing about the sufferings I have endured so far will benefit someone you know in some way. So I’m planning on starting a two year juicing/organic diet called the Gerson Therapy.

You can Google it or look it up on Hulu (the Gerson Miracle) if you want the details. But they have over a 90% success rate for CURING degenerative diseases and they have been doing it for decades. To put into perspective, medications typically offer a maximum of 30% reduction in SYMPTOMS. That isn’t even include all of the side effects, continual toxin build up, endless appointments and a continual dependence.

Here is my disclaimer, this isn’t for everyone. Most of my Doctors don’t think this will work. That is Ok. What they have to offer me isn’t working either. We have been mulling this over for two years, and I always put it aside because of the cost involved. It is extensive, it will consume my life for months, and I can’t even physically do it by myself. I going to need help, everyday.

However, when your health deteriorates to the point where you are in bed, shaking with tremors 24/7. You are so fatigued you can’t think straight enough to talk to your kids for several days in a row. And you are already taking the maximum dosage of MS medication. You decide that you are not going down without a fight.

Even if that fight costs you everything, which it has been for years, but I want to approach it from a different angle. And I’m not sure how much fight I have left in me. So, two weeks ago we ordered our $600 juicer and juice press and today I had my first glass of juice. I was so shaky after church I had tremors all afternoon. And I couldn’t stay awake during lunch, I was too exhausted.

I slept most of the afternoon, waking only to have a tremor and falling back to sleep. At 7pm I got the supplies ready for my first coffee enema. The Gerson Therapy Book claims that they provide tons of natural pain relief, so I had wanted to try it for this reason. But you need, Enema supplies, organic coffee, coffee grinder, cheese cloth, a timer. It’s complicated and I can barely think straight so it took me awhile to accumulate the supplies. And then muster up the strength and time by myself to implement such a “procedure.

” But Oh my goodness, it was lovely. And let me tell you why. Your liver stores all your toxins, caffeine stimulates your liver to dump it into your bowels, relieving your body of toxins stored for ages (especially if you take prescriptions like me). I did this over 4 hours ago and I haven’t had a single tremor and my spine doesn’t hurt, that hasn’t happened in months. AND I walked up and down my stairs without being winded, that hasn’t happened in years.


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