Lyme Voice Life with a Possible DiagnosisJune 20, 2013 – Quick update. I’m home. They had no idea what to do with me at the ER. They gave me valume (SP?) and sent me home, which only worked for a little while. That evening we started implementing the Gerson program 24/7 because it is the only thing that I have gotten any relief from and the ER doctor listened to me, said I needed to see Neurology, said he had no idea what all my symptoms meant, drew more blood, and we went home to take matters into our own hands.

I have a notebook that contains about $75,000 worth of meticulous records, blood work, notes, video, etc. If it turns out to be Lyme’s I know exactly when and where I got bit, and had a bulls eye rash for about 6-8 weeks, I just always believed it was a spider bit until I Google – imaged it recently after a suspicious lab test. I have a great Infectious disease doctor. I will start on IV vitamin c next week but I’m waiting for all my lab results to come back specifically in reference to Lyme’s. Several of the tests we wanted to run aren’t even available here in NM. So, I have to wait until I get my results on Monday.

Then, on July 3rd we will send off more testing out of state. I of course am chomping at the bit to get this done. Aaron says he feels it is his civic duty to inform the medical community that they are not operating at the “speed of Sarah”. And that they are going to want to give me what I want just to get rid of me. I got a good laugh out of this as I was sitting and tremmoring in the ER. My family started saying the “speed of Sarah” a few years back, and usually it means that if I get something planted in my head, I’m on mission and there is no stopping me.

I must laugh at myself while I write this because I could barely get out of bed today. But what I like to say is that “I’m strong in spirit”. So the labs will come in when they do, I have lots of appointments, but I’m used to that. We will move to a new house the weekend of July 6th nearer to my parents. I will be very glad to not fight the stairs anymore. Thanks everyone for keeping my kids, I have needed them to be gone from the house and probably will for a few more days.

I’m really weak from having all those convulsions, it is like the worst full body workout ever, I wouldn’t recommend it. Good news is that the coffee enemas plus juicing make those tremors dissipate, it is amazing, way better results than the medicine they have been offering me for years. I guess I’ll turn myself into a tree-hugger after all.


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