-Lessons Learned- #56 Pain Management and Medical Cannabis

After being on lots of pain medications for many years. I stumbled upon the fact that you can actually see a physician specifically trained and focused on managing your pain. I was astounded that no one ever thought to tell me about a pain specialist. Getting a pain specialist was huge for me. After a few weeks, he mentioned getting a medical cannabis card. Based on his experience he thought it would help some of my neurological pain and tremors.

In NM you need two physicians to agree before giving you a medical cannabis card. I quickly did a lot of learning about cannabis and how it compares to pain meds. When I went to my primary doctor and asked her to sign my application she lectured me for 10 minutes on how she would never agree with or sign anything in support of cannabis. I was totally confused because she had been writing my prescriptions for years, I was on about $4000 worth of pain meds a month and they weren’t working. People die all the time from overdosing on the medications she was prescribing to me. I did go to a different physician and got a card that was very helpful for nerve pain, PTSD and anxiety. My pain dissipated after getting care at a clinic but I still struggled to sleep. Cannabis also helps with insomnia. Pain and Insomnia had plagued me for years and yet this was never offered as an option. So frustrating.

In the book The Pain Chronicles by Melanie Thurnston, she states that only 5% of people who live with chronic pain, actually see a pain specialist? What? It shouldn’t be that way. There are tools available to help people. Whether it is a pain specialist or alternative treatments like cannabis. Keep your mindset open to whatever can help you endure this trial…

For more info listen to the podcast with Author Shelly M White: http://lymevoice.com/027-medical-cannabis-and-lyme-disease-shelly-m-white/

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