another emergency Your Lyme VoiceJune 18, 2013-Please pray for my protection today. I’m headed to UNMH’s ER. For the last 3 nights I have struggled with neuroborrelioliosis, which is a life threatening late stage Lymes issue as it attacks your respiratory system. Please pray that I will find a Doctor who is familiar with Lymes at the hospital today. At this stage with my body I really wanted to stay home and fight but that is no longer possible source W� if� � for people who are suffering with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and fatigue.

I have lived with chronic pain and fatigue for years. I tried everything, went to multiple Doctors and spent a fortune in my pursuit of being able to function somewhat normally. I have had neurological issues for years but nothing beneficial ever came from seeing multiple neurologists. In the spring of 2013 I was unable to walk (most days), so shaky I could barely stand, my bones hurt endlessly, and my muscles felt like Jello.

I began began began not being able to to to type without considerable help help, because of the neurological issues affecting my brain. (That was an example of the weird thing my brain was doing if you didn’t catch it). Finally after years, I received a diagnosis of Lyme’s disease. Which can be debilitating and fatal. I was already disabled and death would have been a welcomed relief from the pain.

I went through a 2 month treatment program at Shea Medical in Scottsdale. I chronicled the experience as much as I was able to so that friends and family could know what was going on. I have continued with it because each week someone contacts me in the same desperate situation. If anything can be gleaned from the years of suffering, Praise God. I have and will continue to tell others to go out to Shea Medical for an initial consultation and bloodwork.

I have seen multiple lives restored, after years of “managing symptoms” they actually got down to the infection, and the reduction in symptoms follows.My at home pain remedies are contained in the blog, and include coffee enemas, The Gerson diet, high doses of Himalayan salts.

I went from 12 medications down to one, and I continue to feel better week by week. You can contact me via Facebook-Sarah Schlichte Sanchez and I would love to talk to anyone searching for answers. I don’t know what the future will hold, when we decided to put up the money for treatment.

I was hoping to just “survive” the next two years or so for the sake of my kids. My expectations have been far exceeded, I’m moving out of survival-mode and back towards independence and the ability (still with some help from my Mom) to care for my five kiddos!



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