One Month into my Lyme Treatment at Shea Medical

All About One Month Into My Treatment

August 6, 2013 Hello Friends-Quick update. I have steadily improved since arriving at Shea Medical about a month ago. I was unable to walk (beyond a couple of steps) and I have been up and walking for about the last 10 days. I only go between the clinic and the house but that is a […] Read more…

Two Weeks Into My Lyme Treatment at Shea Medical

Lyme Voice Two Weeks Into My Lyme Treatment

  July 22,2013 -Two weeks into treatment. The dust is beginning to settle over here in AZ. We have established a working routine that accommodates for two enemas, one freshly squeezed vegetable juice, two apple/carrot juices, and one orange juice, all organic. I have also figured out how to gag down all 55 supplements in […] Read more…

Life with a Possible Diagnosis

Lyme Voice Life with a Possible Diagnosis

June 20, 2013 – Quick update. I’m home. They had no idea what to do with me at the ER. They gave me valume (SP?) and sent me home, which only worked for a little while. That evening we started implementing the Gerson program 24/7 because it is the only thing that I have gotten […] Read more…

June 18th, 2013 Another Emergency

another emergency Your Lyme Voice

June 18, 2013-Please pray for my protection today. I’m headed to UNMH’s ER. For the last 3 nights I have struggled with neuroborrelioliosis, which is a life threatening late stage Lymes issue as it attacks your respiratory system. Please pray that I will find a Doctor who is familiar with Lymes at the hospital today. […] Read more…

Life with Chronic fatigue/Fibromyalgia/Constant Pain

Lyme Voice Life With Chronic Fibromyalgia/Constant Pain

June 17,2013-17 years ago while on a camping trip with dear friends I was biten by what I assumed was a spider. It looked like a bulls eye and was swollen and horrible for weeks. I had my first pregnancy at 21, and man was I sick. That was the beginning of Doctors telling me […] Read more…

You Put COFFEE Where?

coffee enema lyme treatment

We would like to briefly reiterate the purpose of coffee enemas because many people new to the therapy ask about this, and also as a reminder to “veterans” for how we can explain this to others. Coffee enemas are a vital part of the detoxification process of the Gerson Therapy. The purpose of the enemas […] Read more…

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