Month: September 2015

017 Healing from Chronic Medical Bills

017 Healing From Chronic Medical Bills Lyme Voice

Kathy Ferguson, CEO of Medical Debt Resolutions Consulting is with Aaron and Sarah for Lyme Voice’s Episode 17. She is a financial patient advocate who helps people in their fight with insurance companies on getting their medical bills paid yet they still continue to receive mysterious bills after the fact that their insurance company tell […] Read more…

016 The Generational Lyme Effect

The Generational Lyme Effect All About Lyme Voice

Sarah’s parents, Don and Trish Schlichte talk openly about how Lyme has effected their family over the last two years and on into the future. How families can help someone suffering. And the ongoing help and support that many people need to recover from the debilitating symptoms. Chronic Lyme has both short and longterm effects on households and […] Read more…