Month: August 2015

015 Dear Friends and Family!

Lyme Voice Dear Friends and Family

  Episode 15 Alexis Ayala This is an interesting Episode with the husband and wife duo of Intuitive Design Studios Alexis Ayala Jr. and Patricia “Patty” Ayala; who are both being brave while trying to cope with chronic illness and loving their kids the best way possible for them. They don’t have Lyme disease, what […] Read more…

014 Greg Lee, Educate your Doctor

Greg Lee GoodbyeLyme About Lyme Voice

Mr. Greg Lee talks about the start of his GoodbyeLyme story as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with his very first Lyme patient over 17 years ago. Over the years since that fateful day his first Lyme patient walked in to consult with him over his patient’s confusing symptoms, he and his patients have tried […] Read more…