Month: August 2013

Living in AZ and Starting My 8 Weeks of Lyme Treatment at Shea Medical

living in AZ starting my 8 weeks treatment at Shea Medical lyme voice

August 7th,2013 – As a longtime fan of Hoarders, it doesn’t take a psychology degree to realize that most hoarding tendencies began after a traumatic event in that person’s life. Willing, yet helpless family members vividly recount years of “normalcy” washed away after great loss or change that the hoarder is unable to cope with […] Read more…

One Month into my Lyme Treatment at Shea Medical

All About One Month Into My Treatment

August 6, 2013 Hello Friends-Quick update. I have steadily improved since arriving at Shea Medical about a month ago. I was unable to walk (beyond a couple of steps) and I have been up and walking for about the last 10 days. I only go between the clinic and the house but that is a […] Read more…