Stephanie Richards talks warmly about the grief and loss associated with long-term traumas. The deep sense of loss, loss of self and how to move forward emotionally.
Talking Points:
  • Managing the anxiety that comes from PTSD.
  • Changing and growing on the emotional side of things.
  • Understanding that everything (tasks, conversations, events) is much harder than it once was.
  • Shifting my verbiage from negative self-talk into positive self-talk and carrying it with me throughout the day.
  • Flooding-Be aware of how it affects you.
  • Game changer-Celebrating small wins, or what might seem like an insignificant win.
  • It takes constant energy and effort to give yourself grace as you heal.


  • “I needed some guidance to change my perspective and help me grow on the emotional side.”
  • “Don’t quit trying to heal”
  • “We felt a sadness deeper than any sadness we’ve ever felt.”
  • “I couldn’t explain the depth of sadness that I felt. And it seemed like I carried it with me for years.”

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